Types of endodontics
6 November, 2018

Microscopic endodontics: a minimally invasive technique

[:es]¿Qué es la endodoncia y cuales son sus tipos?[:]

Microscopic endodontics is a new technique that allows much more precise and minimally invasive procedures. We explain what it is.

The first thing we must understand is that endodontics will help us to preserve natural teeth, avoiding extracting them. This treatment consists in eliminating the affected content of the root canals and then clean and disinfect the canal and fill it with an inert and sterile material that allows to heal and eliminate the symptoms.

It is also worth knowing that most endodontic treatments allow the treated tooth to last a lifetime. The truth is that the treatment of canals itself remains the same, although the way to do it has been changing over the years and technological advances in dentistry. To better understand the advantages of microscopic endodontics, it is necessary to understand the anatomy of the tooth. The space inside the tooth is too small and contains nervous tissue and blood vessels, being very useful to have magnification tools at hand such as the microscope. A tool that we have in our dental office.

Main benefits

The microscope is then of great help when performing endodontic procedures, this offers several benefits:

Precision: it allows to increase up to 24 times the size of the tooth, it also allows to illuminate the entire area that is going to intervene, providing greater visibility and comfort during the procedure.

Speed: The microscope allows the procedure to be carried out more quickly, also reducing the number of visits that take place in the office.

Lasting: The quality of the procedure achieved through microscopic intervention extends the average life of the treatments and the dental health of the patients. In addition to natural aesthetic results.

These technological advantages allow to carry out a minimally invasive treatment, preserving the largest number of healthy teeth and improving the prognosis, a procedure that not only provides greater safety but also comfort during its performing. The use of the microscope also guarantees greater conservation of the tooth, eliminating only the irritating and diseased tissues.

In our dental office we perform procedures with the latest technology, such as treatments with microscopic endodontics. Do you feel sensitiviness or pain in any of your teeth? Contact us and request an assessment appointment.